Mad Mixed Woman

I need a man who will rip my clothes off during the act, and then buy me new, cuter clothes.

Are jumpsuits appropriate office wear, or is that taking it too far?

Michigan Avenue, I love you!

So bummed. I was checking my email early, as I usually do when I wake up randomly, and I saw one of my favorite online shops is having a flash sale. I immediately sprang into action and picked out tons of great items. You have to spend a certain amount to get free shipping, so I was going for that. Unfortunately, once I tried to check out, a few of my items were out of stock. So I tried again, with replacement stuff, and then some more were out of stock. I finally just gave up. The store has a relatively small selection and I have a firm policy of never buying things unless I really like them, no matter how good the sale. I won’t remember that I saved money on them later when it comes time to wear them. I will only wonder why I bought them in the first place.

So I just discovered The Scarlet Room. It’s an online shop based in Singapore. Their clothes are incredibly cute. This has pretty much ruined my bank account forever. And I’m not at all sad about that.

ADR’s website

As much as I love Anna Dello Russo’s fashion sense, I can’t help but be confused by why her website is so terribly designed. I mean, the aesthetic is just hideous and cluttered, and yet I still love her taste. How could a woman be such an awesome fashion inspiration, but also not see that her website looks really terrible from not just a readability standpoint, but also overall look? I don’t get it.